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Welcome to Your Kid’s Art Sucks! Too long have we allowed sweet innocent children to think that their artwork is good and let it ruin our refrigerators and classrooms!

Let me start by telling you about my artistic skills….I have none. Absolutely none. My childhood art was awful and it still is. I have trouble drawing stick figures, however I’m about 50 – 60% sure I’m somewhat better than the “art” you will find on here. I only wish someone was there early on in my life to crush my foolish dreams!

While I won’t claim that I’m not a dick, I will say that NONE of the kids whose artwork makes the site will be identified in any way whatsoever. Is this site mean and potentially hurtful to little kids? Absolutely. But this isn’t for them, so keep your kids away or else you’ll have some explaining to do to them. The purpose of this site isn’t to hurt little kids, it’s to allow the grown-ups to laugh. So for those of you who realize this is in good fun, instead of keeping all your true feelings about kid’s art boiled up inside, send it on over to us and let us be the ones who say what your thinking. For those of you that are pissed off, simmer down, there is a reason you mom kept all your childhood art in a drawer rather than up on the walls all these years!

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