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Ahhhh! Real Monsters

…orrrrrr, follow with me here for a minute. Instead of eating me, you ball this drawing up and eat it. If it tastes as good as it looks, you’ll be sick for a month.

5 Comments to Ahhhh! Real Monsters

  1. … I’m going to disagree and say I LOVE that monster. Not only does it eat small children, it eats other monsters. Cannibal monster. Not even to mention, front or back, you can be impaled by enormous teeth, queued up by the hundreds. Beyond that, just when you think you’re big enough to be safe from cannibal monster- ho shit- no motherfucking jaw. None at all. You are sucked in simply by the vacuum created by such a massive maw being opened.

    As if looking into those vacuous, black, raisin-like eyes weren’t frightening enough…

    Add some blood and colorful scales. It’s a winner.

  2. cajita-feliz on September 2nd, 2011
  3. Trogdor’s long-lost cousin.

  4. gearhead grrl on September 3rd, 2011
  5. This is AWESOME!!! I love little kids. =)

  6. Emgirl on September 16th, 2011
  7. I love this, whatever it is.

    And, yes gearhead grrl, it is Trogdor’s long-lost cousin!

  8. Art Student on September 17th, 2011
  9. The BEST monster EVAR! and yes gearhead grrl, perhaps related to Trogdor :D

  10. Jean on September 18th, 2011

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