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An Email From Benjamin

This is completely terrible. Who makes fun of children learning and
trying to express themselves? Why not make fun of the elderly and
handicapped? What jerk thought this up, and who decided it would be
funny? Obviously a loser that doesn’t have children, should never be
allowed to, and should not think about being around kids, due to the
excessive use of profanity in berating a a CHILDS drawings. My God, who
puts down a child?!? .. Shame on anyone who thinks this is amusing.

73 Comments to An Email From Benjamin

  1. Wrong, this site is hilarious and I love looking at the wild and crazy products of ignorance, creativity, and curiosity.

  2. Isenki on September 15th, 2011
  3. Well shoot, then SHAME ON ME. It’s fuckin hilarious.

  4. C on September 15th, 2011
  5. Shame on anyone who can’t take a joke. Obviously this site is not for kids.

  6. Bob on September 15th, 2011
  7. I bet Benny gets upset when his cat’s won’t acknowledge him also.

  8. Maria on September 15th, 2011
  9. My son once wrote an essay on how much he loves counting. He went on to list the various things one can count, and ended it with “Count, count, count. I love to count!” Except he left the letter “o” out every time he wrote the word ‘count’. I showed that paper to everyone, whether he was around or not. Believe it or not, his little ego was not destroyed and he has become a wonderful, productive member of society.

  10. Dawn on September 15th, 2011
  11. Seriously? You don’t think it’s funny when a child draws a penis and calls it a rocket? Really? Come on. That’s funny shit!

  12. Princess on September 15th, 2011
  13. Poor Benjamin, his sources for entertainment are severely limited.

  14. misofuni on September 15th, 2011
  15. Me thinks Benny is an enabler.

  16. Me on September 15th, 2011
  17. Sorry hater but I think this site is hysterical. My co-workers and I laugh ourselves silly every time we look at it. This stuff is funny! Don’t be so serious.

  18. Carole on September 15th, 2011
  19. WAIT you rather make fun of handicapped people, shame on you! this is just harmless fun!

  20. christina on September 15th, 2011
  21. I have kids and still think this is hilarious!

  22. nati on September 15th, 2011
  23. Um, I put my own painting on here. I’m the girl who created “Turtle fish”. My family laughs at it all the time. Especially when I first made it because I knew I screwed up. I also posted my sister, Brytanni, painting of that really messed up clown. She and I laugh at our artwork all the time! Well…she’s in college for animation.

  24. Katina on September 15th, 2011
  25. The site is brilliant…try to get a sense of humor please…then take the stick out of your ass.

  26. Michael on September 15th, 2011
  27. Geez, we already know we’re going to hell, leave us alone about it. Gosh.

  28. Scarlet pirate on September 16th, 2011
  29. Benny Boy, You may be on to something. I work in a nursing home. We make fun of the elderly and handicapped all the time. I need to find a way to capitalize on this.

  30. UrbanPossum on September 16th, 2011
  31. I have a feeling Benny doesn’t actually have kids, but he probably does have some security issues.

    No one is laughing *at* the kid for making a few mistakes while learning.. if anything, we’re all enjoying a child’s innocent expression. Some of the shit my girlfriend’s 5 year old draws is both amazing and fucking hilarious! That’s the joy of being a parent, man.. you get a nice reminder of what it’s like to be innocent again.

    Laugh with us, maybe it will jiggle loose that stick that’s up your ass.

  32. Mike on September 16th, 2011
  33. Ben! Put up some of your artwork !!

  34. Grifinmyth on September 16th, 2011
  35. I’m registering as we speak.

  36. Jim on September 16th, 2011
  37. OK Benjamin, pull the stick out of your ass. This site is hillarious, you’re feelings are hurt?? PROBABLY BECAUSE YOUR KIDS’ ART SUCKS!!! What a douche.

  38. KELLY on September 16th, 2011
  39. Benny….thanks for the awesome idea of making fun of the elderly and handicapped… on it good buddy!

  40. miguel butlerio on September 17th, 2011
  41. Hey Benji – Get a sense of humor and ask your wife to borrow your nads from her purse. Shame on me as you say, but this site is hi-fucking-larious. I got an idea – why don’t you finger paint some shit for us to critique?

    It’s all in good fun, and I doubt there is a human being on this site that is showing comments to their kids.

  42. Benji Hatr on September 17th, 2011
  43. I make fun of my kids, people who fall down, retards in wheelchairs, and most of all Benjamin’s crotchety ass grandma…

  44. Nathan on September 17th, 2011
  45. Dude get a life! This site has me in tears everday! Kids need to learn to laugh at themselves and not take everything so seriously, otherwise they’ll end up like you!

  46. Captain Obvious on September 17th, 2011
  47. omfg xD I am not ashamed of being shamed.

  48. Melody on September 18th, 2011
  49. Shut up everyone! your all just ignorant dumies so quit! My kids art is good really!

  50. Benjamin on September 19th, 2011
  51. The jokes and commentary is meant to be light-hearted. Kids aren’t expected to see them or know what people say about their art. My mom showed me pictures I used to draw and they are awful!

  52. Annabelle on September 19th, 2011
  53. @ Bob, this country can take a joke. We had Bush for eight years did we not?

  54. Missy on September 19th, 2011
  55. Hey what happpened to your shameful yet witty little comments under each masterpiece?

  56. Rihanna on September 19th, 2011
  57. As I said in another place…I MISS THE REMARKS ATTATCHED TO THE ART WORK!!!

    Gosh, it’s just for fun or Pete’s sake. No one is telling the kids their art work is uh…odd. If you have never laughed at your child’s art work or what they say or do…(quietly of course when they don’t see you) then you have no sense of humor. No one is hurting the children and most of it has two levels…what they meant and what it looks like.

    Grow up.

  58. Tazmom on September 21st, 2011
  59. The commentary was my favorite part of this site!! Please bring back!

  60. Leslie on September 21st, 2011
  61. Oh slow your roll….this shit is funny. PARENTS are submitting their own children’s art work. If you can’t take a joke, then what the hell are you doing on this website??????

  62. Kristina on September 21st, 2011
  63. Listen peeps. You guys are disgusting human beings. Yes, I wrote that email. Your responses are ignorant. I hate the elderly and the handicap, pick on them! Leave the kids alone!

  64. The Real Benjamin on September 21st, 2011
  65. This site is the highlight of my day!

  66. michelle on September 22nd, 2011
  67. ^Troll. As the other people said before me, you need to learn how to take a joke. And since when was it okay to pick on the elderly and handicapped, but not the children? Get your priorities straight. I’m sure many people on this site (me included) enjoy the good humor and creativity evident in the kid’s artwork.

    Grow up and get a sense of humor.

  68. T.C. on September 23rd, 2011
  69. Let me guess Ben…you also think that everyone should get a trophy just for participating, and dodge ball is cruel…right? lighten up and you might actually get a girlfriend one day.

  70. Julia on September 23rd, 2011
  71. This site is not meant to be hurtful towards kids because obviously they aren’t supposed to see it. It’s just poking fun of all of the parents who think that their kid is a young Picasso even though every drawing is covered with obvious genitalia. Those who can’t take the joke obviously fall into that category.

  72. Jen on September 24th, 2011
  73. Sorry you lack a sense of humor.

  74. Cody on September 24th, 2011
  75. I think it’s hilarious. And Benjamin, what are you doing on this site if it bothers you so? Life is short and we need to laugh. Learn to laugh, Benji, and you’ll find life is so much more fun!!

  76. Skelly on September 24th, 2011

  78. mike on September 25th, 2011
  79. Wow Ben!!!! What a douche you are. You hte the handicapped and the ederly. Well guess what asshole… will be an derly person one day and I pray to God the nursing home puts up pictures on here DAILY of your ignorant ass for us to comment on. And as far as handicapped people go… enlighten you since you are so ignorant, the correct term is special needs, and I have a special needs child and dont give a rats ass if you hate on her or not. I listen to comedians make jokes all the time…quite like his site does of kids artwork, however, I can laugh at both because I know it is done with taste. You however, have no integrety nor taste nor knowledge nor a sense of humor. Lastly, I hope you get ran over by a bus and become HANDICAP so you can hate yourself!!! To the owners of this site…..we all love it, we all post our kids work on here, WE have sense of humor, my own 12 yo has some on here and she laughs so hard she almost pees herself. ALL OF US ARE BEGGING FOR YOUR COMMENTS TO COME BACK!!!! Without you, this site is not as funny anymore and we come here to laugh when we feel like putting a bullet through our own skull. Please….save us!!!! ;-)

  80. Beverly on September 25th, 2011
  81. I’m actually with Benjamin on this one. The pictures themselves are humorous, but “your kid’s art sucks” is such a mean thing to read let alone to say. What if a child who has artwork on here sees that it was posted on this website? It’s embarassing! Twice as bad as catching parents laughing at a drawing.
    I think some things should NOT be posted online, that includes children’s ‘funny’ artwork. They should close the site down..

  82. I agree with Benjamin on September 26th, 2011
  83. 1) This website is not belittling the child directly to the child. These are some of the things that people think when they see the artwork done by children.

    2) If you’re worried about if a child sees thier drawing on here and can read what is said, then the issue is not the website’s. The issue is the parent who LET their child onto this website, or unsupervised on the internet. If you don’t like the website – don’t look at it.

  84. Cris on September 27th, 2011
  85. HAW-HAW!

  86. Tiffany on September 28th, 2011
  87. One day these kids will become elderly and/or handicapped so why prolong the inevitable!

  88. Amanda on September 29th, 2011
  89. Extra laughter if the “Lil DaVinci” is autistic.

  90. asshole on October 1st, 2011
  91. Wow…
    Well, you might as well say bad stuff aout they’re ARTWORK, not them. Just because they’re artwork is bad doesn’t mean they are. :)

  92. Brock JD on October 1st, 2011
  93. Benjamin.. It is very dumb of you to say that we are wrong for enjoying the innocence of a Child but saying it is ohkay to hate the elderly and the handicapped. I have Children, all of which I love very much. Yes, there art work does suck at this age. But that is alright! It is supposed to. You show me a little kid who has art work like Picasso and I will give you $1,000 buddy! My kids bring me picture of apples that look like red butts, a dog that looks like a penis, and all sorts of things! I laugh and they will too when they get older and I show them the things they drew.. SO SHAME ON YOU ASSHOLE! (:

  94. Ben Is Humorless on October 2nd, 2011
  95. Benjamin is right.
    If you have to make fun of children to make yourself feel better, then there is something wrong with you.

  96. Joe Mama on October 4th, 2011
  97. interesting. I never laugh AT children. But i do know (from experience) that MY art sucked, and my kids art sucks most of the time. Yes she does surprise me on occasion, but we laugh together at her art and I know when i show her the picture of me she drew in chalk on the porch that looks like a stick figure with huge boobs she will laugh. Who’s making fun of the children, we are simply laughing at what we once were and our children’s children will be. :)

  98. Wren on October 7th, 2011
  99. As a parent I believe the best defense against the stress of having children is LAUGHTER!!! Laugh or you’ll spend a lot of time crying. These aren’t things we would say to a small child’s face, just another way parents can revel in the joys of children. My daughter almost “failed” preschool because of her drawing skills. Rather than think it was the end of the world, her father and I had a few laughs over her drawing “tests.”

  100. Erica on October 8th, 2011
  101. We already do make fun of the handicapped look up “Tard Blog” on google, and as far as making fun of the elderly go, just read any George W. Bush speech.


  102. This Guy on October 9th, 2011
  103. I laughed because it was cute, not to take the piss out of kids. jesus christ some people need to grow a back bone, these pictures are posted by there parents.

    when these kids grow up they will laugh at how they used to draw too hell I do it now, the whole point of this site is to share the laughs not to go on a huge debate over OMG UR LAUGHING AT KIDS YOUR SICK no just no they are kids no names or details given.

    benjamin if you’re a troll get a life, if your a stickler for stuff get a life too, don’t look at it noones asking you too, theres alot worse stuff on the internet trust me.

  104. fuzziwuzz on October 10th, 2011
  105. You must be the guy whos daughter drew a pic of him naked. I have 2 goin on 3 kids and if they draw some dumb ass shit like the drawings on here, I would laugh my ass off and so would they.

  106. Will on October 11th, 2011
  107. ok, we aren’t making fun of the children. But you’re seriosuly going to tell me that some of the things children come up with aren’t hysterical? why not share that laugh. Plus later down the road your child will probably look at their pictures and laugh at them. if you can’t laugh at yourself every now and then, then you’re going to have a very sad life

  108. Anna on October 12th, 2011
  109. This guy has his head stuffed WAY too far up his ass. It isn’t the children we’re making fun of, douchebag. It’s the stuff they draw. It’s adorable, frankly, how utterly bad it is, and thus we make fun of it. You, good sir, need to pull your head out of your ass and get a fucking sense of humor. Bring back the captions!

  110. Nightshade on October 12th, 2011
  111. I bet Benjamin was scarred for life when his mom showed everyone the funny wierd stuff he drew in school.

  112. Rachel on October 12th, 2011
  113. I’m a mother, a sociologist and I also run a grassroots organization that sends care packages to deployed soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. I get cards and letters for the troops at least twice a week and they are HILARIOUS. The drawings like these are what make the packages special, I just buy junk food and deodorant.

    The point to all of this is that parents all have funny stories about their children that they tell their friends and we ALL have some art work that we’ve kept because it’s hilarious. It would only be cruel if people were showing the artwork and the comments to the kid so that the kid felt humiliated. That’s why any parent worth their salt does not allow children open access to the internet.

    Making fun of children (in privacy or via various culturally relevant rituals) has been a social norm for as long as we have available data. Our society has just changed the way that we share these things (first to written or recorded pictures, then to photos, then videos, now instant sharing via internet).

    This Benjamin is just a self-important killjoy. I want to see more funny pictures and witty comments!

  114. AJ on October 12th, 2011
  115. Shame, shame, shame on me. :( I don’t want children because they suck. If I had children, I would probably eat my young. I think this site is a blast. If that makes me shameful than I wear my shame with pride. The children don’t know they are being laughed at.. no harm, no foul. Plus, children suck, and they deserve to be laughed at behind their backs.

  116. samcat on October 13th, 2011
  117. Oh geez, LIGHTEN UP SALLY! Some people have no sense of what’s funny!

  118. michelle on October 14th, 2011
  119. Go sh!t in the yard Benjy

  120. Abelson on October 14th, 2011
  121. Do we have to repeat it one more time: THIS SITE IS NOT MAKING FUN OF THE CHILDREN WHO DREW THE PICTURE.

  122. Avery on October 16th, 2011
  123. If my kid draws scissors that look like d*ck, then heck yes I’m gonna laugh. Kids are funny and cute and there is nothing wrong with that. The mixture of innocence with lewd humor is hysterical and to be honest, no one here is making fun of kids.. idiot.

    Someone must have pissed in your cheerios mister.

  124. Ignis on October 19th, 2011
  125. Hey Ben, we should come to an agreement. You like to make fun of the handicapped and we like to make fun of kids. To even it all out we should just make fun of kids in wheelchairs? yes? You’re a dick Ben… this shit is toooooo funny

  126. sean on October 19th, 2011
  127. Oops, shame on me

  128. xXSophieXx on October 20th, 2011
  129. What a whiny bitch…

  130. B on October 25th, 2011
  131. Benjamin’s mad becouse him parents posted his old art work on here!

  132. Tammy on October 28th, 2011
  133. yes shame on me! I have 3 kids ages 7-14 and I thought this site is funny.

  134. crystal on November 6th, 2011
  135. See, you’re allowed to make fun of children because every single person here was one at some point in time! You can’t say that for being handicapped, elderly, black, white, male, female, whatever. Every person here can relate and that’s why it’s funny!

  136. Mary on November 13th, 2011
  137. Parents and family member post the kids stuff on here, they WANT people to have a few laughs and be amused. Obviously, if you cant comprehend that GET OFF THE SITE! Thanks honey bun:)

  138. YuDntNeed2No on November 26th, 2011
  139. huge book youve get

  140. dmmaseoseoseoseo on December 19th, 2011
  141. Benji here needs to pull that fucking stick out of his ass, like everyone else said. Seriously. If you agree with this douche, you don’t have a sense of humor.

  142. Ravenquist on March 19th, 2012
  143. I’m a school teacher and find this flippin’ funny.

  144. Brittney on June 16th, 2012
  145. What I don’t like is the people saying mean stuff about a drawing a little child did.

  146. Poo on August 30th, 2012

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