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Circles Of Life

funny children kids art photo

If I can’t tell if your pile of circles is an insect or an ice cream sundae, it’s time to put down the crayons and pick up a book because it’s just not gonna work out for you.

3 Comments to Circles Of Life

  1. This is actually kinda nice, considering it makes me think of an especially dry, crumbly poop. With more color, of course.

  2. VirginSexPet on August 10th, 2011
  3. This was actually a depiction of a very tramatic event: When Little Parker found a pubic hair in his ice cream

  4. katrina on August 15th, 2011
  5. This drawing is reminiscent of “The Scream”, a famous painting by Edvard Munch, wherein the feelings and emotions of the artist have equal (or greater) priority than realism. Adult criticism of kid’s art has equal opportunity to suck.

  6. Rod on April 3rd, 2012

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