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Come Sail Away

funny children kids art photo

You are a douche. What little kid draws this besides a future preppy frat douche? You might as well label the whole thing “My future in the Hamptons while you remain poor.” I can just tell I want to smother you while you sleep. Your parents only had you to show off to their friends for a year and get a tax write-off and now you get to inherit daddy’s business. You douche.

4 Comments to Come Sail Away

  1. What’s the deal with the bloody exploded seagull?

  2. Roberta Mann on August 7th, 2011
  3. That’s what I was wondering. At first you think, we have a budding Robert Kinnkade, but then you notice this kid is feeding AlkaSeltzer to seagulls, and you’ve got a budding serial killer instead. No sleep for me tonight.

  4. Jeff Schwark on August 31st, 2011
  5. i usually love the sites writing on these pics, but it seems to me that on this one the writer was either going for laughs or this might have been the picture that beat him in a art contest when he was 5, the picture underneath this one may have been his

  6. Boston_Andy on October 12th, 2011
  7. If that’s true, and the kid is rich as well, then he could probably pay his way out of Death Row.

  8. Firestave on April 12th, 2012

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