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Ghostface Killah

“I work in a daycare and frequently see fantastic pieces of art work.”

5 Comments to Ghostface Killah

  1. I work in an Autistic Care Facility and frequently see idiots like you.

  2. Ethan Tremblay on November 30th, 2011
  3. Must be an inner city daycare. I hope you’re “packing”.

  4. Mogodore J. Bivouac on December 27th, 2011
  5. omg ethan its not her fault the kids at her job will never grow up to be successsful artist……(such as myself) lol jk jk :P

  6. hayhay @nd nessa lou on December 29th, 2011
  7. Don’t get why this picture is on here…

  8. jesse on January 8th, 2012
  9. Using autism as an insult, eh Ethan? You do realize that some autistics are actually pretty smart. I bet you’re jealous.

  10. Ravenquist on March 19th, 2012

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