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The Zoo Trip

“One day, about a year ago, my son wanted me to take him to the zoo, but the weather was bad and I told him we couldn’t go. He pouted and walked away, and came back 5 minutes later and said he drew this picture of me because I was mean to him.”

3 Comments to The Zoo Trip

  1. Apparently, only three people give a shit about your mentally disabled child.

  2. Ethan Tremblay on October 28th, 2011
  3. My son is 5, not mentally disabled. No need to be rude. I don’t really care if 0 or 100 people like this.

  4. ...... on November 6th, 2011
  5. Man he must have been disappointed! That drawing reminds me of a rancour from star wars lol!

  6. Morgy on November 27th, 2011

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