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Today’s Lesson: Respect

8 Comments to Today’s Lesson: Respect

  1. Maybe the child is Buddhist?

  2. drm on October 18th, 2011
  3. Let’s respect Jews by drawing swastikas all over!

  4. StarryDerp on October 20th, 2011

  6. Spirit on October 20th, 2011
  7. Swastikas are a great way of showing respect….especially to the jewish community!

  8. Nicole on October 20th, 2011
  9. Hey fellas, swastikas are thousands of years old, used by numerous cultures and in this case backwards..therefore not Nazi. buy the way how long do we have to wait until fucktards learn facts about symbols and what the were originally intended for..(not just snap a judgment call based on the last 70 years of its history)
    This kid is about as Nazi as Woody Allen.

  10. Reverand Blacksheep on October 22nd, 2011
  11. That Woody Allen bastard… I knew it!

  12. big tits magee on October 30th, 2011
  13. Those are not swastikas. DRM above had it right from the start. The are reversed.

  14. not swastikas on November 14th, 2011
  15. how do these ppl know its reversed D: are they….

  16. -_- on December 11th, 2011

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