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Wanted: A Better Effort

funny kid child art photo

Listen cowboy, despite what your sister tells you, Jake Gyllenhaal in Brokeback Mountain isn’t the perfect country western guy. Real cowboys don’t have luscious lips and beauty marks. Man up and turn that beauty mark into a scar and fill those lips with chewing tobacco and we are in business partner!

5 Comments to Wanted: A Better Effort

  1. This looks like Walker Texas Ranger.

  2. Raider Rick on August 4th, 2011
  3. If Chuck Norris knew this existed, he’d punch the child with the fist he hides in his beard.

  4. Le Dave on August 5th, 2011
  5. You got it all wrong, that’s NICK RHODES from Duran Duran, playing cowbow.

  6. marian on August 14th, 2011
  7. The eyes of the ranger are upon youuuuuuu!

  8. cgregorc on August 19th, 2011
  9. Notice that it looks like his name is “Sacco”. Yeah.

  10. Ravenquist on March 20th, 2012

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